Transcendental Meditation® and Weight Loss

The Transcendental Meditation technique can be an effective tool for weight control. It has been known for some time that stress and fatigue are probable causes of obesity. It is also well know that the Transcendental Meditation program (TM®) is an effective solution for stress reduction and healing emotional dis-function, which often underlies compulsive eating. The profound, coherent state of relaxation gained during the TM technique relieves anxiety and dissolves deep-rooted stress, indicated by such measures as decreased cortisol and plasma lactate. Studies also show decreased depression and neuroticism, along with reduced hypertension.

TM practice balances emotions and gives us clarity about what is best for us—providing the inner strength to follow the weight loss program and health regime of our choice. According to researchers and meditators who have achieved balance in their weight, TM is an effective means to support weight normalization.

Brain Chemistry and Weight Loss through the Transcendental Meditation program

Unlike diet and exercise which achieve weight loss by primarily focusing on improving the physical body, the Transcendental Meditation program addresses the problem of weight gain by correcting mental, emotional, and physical imbalances.

When the brain is not functioning correctly it sends incorrect messages to the body resulting in abnormal food cravings, unneeded fat deposits, and a slow metabolism. Several independent studies show how a particular imbalance in the brain is responsible for weight gain. One common imbalance is low serotonin levels, caused by stress, fatigue, and an imbalanced diet. Another common imbalance is incorrect functioning of the hypothalamus, which can be triggered by many factors including stress and diet.

Scientific research on the Transcendental Meditation program has shown that during the TM practice different parts of the brain work together in a more coherent fashion. In the video below you can clearly see how brain wave coherence increases as soon as practice of TM begins.

VIDEO Neuroscientist Dr. Fred Travis demonstrates the benefits of the Transcendental Meditation technique to the brain functioning of a woman meditator.

VIDEO Dr. Pam Peeke: Overcoming Food Addiction


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